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Google’s Matt Cuts: WordPress SEO

17 de September del 2009  |  Aún no hay comentarios. Querés dejar el primero?

Matt Cuts works at Google since 2000 and has become the head of the Google Webspam group. I came across this video where he talks about SEO for WordPress, the open source platform for blogs.

Even though the video was released a few years ago, the content is still very interesting as it deals with the basics of natural positioning in search engines (and it proves me I’ve gone the right path ). The interview was conducted by Mark Jaquit, who is a developer at WordPress.

I’m adding this one too, as he talks about the tendencies for search engines in 2008.

What are the important points for a good natural positioning? Quality content. This is a key concept. An example of this is the CreativArea blog on advertising buttons and the use of good contents in the search of infant souvenirs.

Besides, he mentions three things to consider:

  • Personalization: Make your contents aim right at your users so you can get to the niche of your interest.
  • Localization: Clarify the location of your business (one tip is to add it to Google Local Business Center).
  • Mobile: It is a worldwide tendency, increasing in Argentina as well. That’s why the contents have to be designed for any kind of mobile gadget.

Personal Marketing – My presentation at UES21 University

29 de May del 2009  |  Hay un comentario. Querés dejar el tuyo?

The Internet today is an excellent means of boosting our personal professional marketing. There are numerous tools that allow us to do it virtually, without charge nor need for technical knowledge –something that we wouldn’t have even thought of a few years ago. But in order to make the most of them, it’s necessary to get to grips with some concepts related to the Web 2.0 tendency.

On Tuesday 26 of May, I had the honor of accompanying Denise on a talk about this topic at UES21. On this exposition, we dealt with the key concepts in understanding Web 2.0 and analyzed some interesting figures related to the current use of the Internet in the world and in our country. We also covered important notions like Social Media, market conversation, the long tail, search engines, SEM and SEO.

Having finished with the theoretical background, we moved on to the tools that are needed for the creation of virtual professional profiles, explaining the social networks Facebook and LinkedIn, the creation of sites with Google Sites, and blogs with Blogger and WordPress.

Finally, we briefly commented on the power of Google Analytics to track your actions and results on the Web, illustrating its use with examples.

The talk took longer than we’d expected, but such a positive result we got. Thanks a lot to all those who listened to us and bombarded with questions! We really hope that the exposition was useful and it’ll work as a starting point for new creations to boost your personal marketing.

I’d like to share here our presentation (in Spanish) on SlideShare, and let me invite all those who were there to leave their comments and suggestions.

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