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Google’s Matt Cuts: WordPress SEO

17 de September del 2009  |  Aún no hay comentarios. Querés dejar el primero?

Matt Cuts works at Google since 2000 and has become the head of the Google Webspam group. I came across this video where he talks about SEO for WordPress, the open source platform for blogs.

Even though the video was released a few years ago, the content is still very interesting as it deals with the basics of natural positioning in search engines (and it proves me I’ve gone the right path ). The interview was conducted by Mark Jaquit, who is a developer at WordPress.

I’m adding this one too, as he talks about the tendencies for search engines in 2008.

What are the important points for a good natural positioning? Quality content. This is a key concept. An example of this is the CreativArea blog on advertising buttons and the use of good contents in the search of infant souvenirs.

Besides, he mentions three things to consider:

  • Personalization: Make your contents aim right at your users so you can get to the niche of your interest.
  • Localization: Clarify the location of your business (one tip is to add it to Google Local Business Center).
  • Mobile: It is a worldwide tendency, increasing in Argentina as well. That’s why the contents have to be designed for any kind of mobile gadget.
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