Let me tell you a Story…

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Back in November, my great journey began… The mission: Go to Europe and work at a digital marketing agency. It was something I’d had in mind as an objective for quite a long time already.

The plan was to travel around until early January, visiting the countries I had on my list of potential places in order to decide on one to stay and start the search for the new job. Initially, I got to Madrid, where the first stage started. Carrying my backpack around, I went through Seville and Barcelona, then jumped to Germany, precisely Hamburg and the incredible Berlin. Holland followed and finally, I arrived in London and Edinburgh, in the United Kingdom.

It was January when I finally decided to stay in London, where the second stage started. I didn’t know anyone in the city, but thanks to CouchSurfing and my lucky stars, I got to meet very nice people. I spent three weeks sending my curriculum vitae to every single contact I had. Interviews started to pop up… And unexpectedly, an acquaintance from CS, who I had provided with accomodation back in Córdoba, helped me get an interview at an agency that called my attention enormously: Story Worldwide, a digital agency specialising in content marketing.

After a couple of interviews, I was hired as Account Manager there, focusing on SEO and Social Media projects. Story defines itself as a post-advertising agency, where traditional models don’t work any longer. “Every brand has a story to tell. Those that tell it best win” is what they say and believe in.

And even though I still keep in contact with everything in Argentina and take part in Smallbox projects from here, such as CreativArea and Friend’s Day [with Benefits] among others, a new stage started, a new story to tell is shaping up :)

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  1. Luciano says:

    Juancito… Hacia tanto que no ingresaba a esta pagina, creo que la ultima vez fue el dia que la creaste… jajaja… Como cambio… Te felicito, la verdad que se ve que estas cumpliendo tus cometidos… Por cierto, para los demas que lean este blog, les comento que estuve visitando a Juancito en Londres y la verdad que estuvo super guay (diria Julia /// Juan entiende)… jajaja…

  2. Leonardo says:

    que grande juancito!! a ver cuando me actualizas los dns de mi dominio jaja!
    un saludo grande

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