Juan Ortiz


First, welcome to my blog, or as I like to call it “my playground”: my own space, where I try things and mainly, have fun.. so let’s play!. My name is Juan, an Argentinean living in United Kingdom.

When I was 14 I found an article about HTML in a computer magazine my cousin bought.  A few days latter I had built my first site using Notepad and Paint, and a few months later I was seeing how visitors from all over Latinamerica were interacting with my content. What a discovery! Since then, I have not been able to stay too far from the power of the Web.

Its been a long way since then, and the road so far has been a interesting one!. My current professional activities include:

  • Online Marketing Strategist at Smallbox Ltd., a consultancy venture co-founded with Mauro Niewolski, developing projects and helping clients to leverage the amazing potential of online and mobile marketing.
  • Head of SEO & Conversion at Kaplan International, division of the Washington Post (Fortune 500).A company with a great educational/travel product which I’m very proud to be a part of. Originally I joined the Kaplan team as Marketing Manager for Spain and Latinamerica.

Previously I had the pleasure of being part of Story Worldwide, a leading Content Marketing Agency, as well as running Smallbox Web Solutions for over 4 years in Argentina along with Mauro and being a volunteer at AFS Intercultural Programs for over 6 years. For my full professional background, feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile.

One of the most impactful things I have learnt in my life back in Uni days is that everything is a system, through systems thinking and the systems theory. What do you think?

Besides my passion for the web and social systems, you’ll find me traveling and exploring the world, something where Couchsurfing has played a big part. Also, I’m a very amateur photographer, runner, cyclist, climber,  tennis, golf and ping pong player… along with my new discovery: improvisation theatre.

Thanks for visiting my playground. Let’s have some fun!