Startup School: Creating Scarcity

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Week 3 of Startup school by Seth Godin. Important questions are piling up but they all go back to the root. Are you filtering your project though these questions?

These are very though, but hard fact is that if you don’t answer them in the right way is unlikely your project will succeed and grow. You will hit a wall. And as you are building it from the gound up, you get to decide exactly how you will create it. Your choice.

Seth is going very fast through lots of concepts he has developed in his publications for many years and applying it to entrepreneurship, so there is a lot to take in and to drill down into. Books such as Tribes, All Marketers Are Liars are being referenced, while we have not gone into other essentials such as Permission Marketing. Long but necessary way to go. and a fun ride as well ;)

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Startup School: Adjusting the course

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Last week we began a 15 week journey guided by Seth Godin. Here is chapter two and here are the rules: Listen to the podcast, have a think, read the blog post bellow (which is mainly transcriptions of what hit me the most) and join the conversation. All you need to do is put about 40 minutes every week.

Creating business plans though the glases of the connection economy

The connection economy is a bigger deal in terms of the economic history of the world than the industrial revolution.

If we were having a conference in 1918, and we would have people such as Taylor (talking about scientific management) and Ford (talking about mas production) in the room, and we would be describing how to use the techniques of mass production, mass marketing and industrialization to make a business it would seem just as hard as being at the present moment discussing how the rules of the connection economy can be used to create a business.

By using the principles of the connection economy you will have a business plan that will let you see a path to probably succeed more than not. But that’s the easy part. The hard part is following the path and doing what it takes to make it happen. You will have little support form those around you. You need to keep on trying, learn and readjust your course.

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Seth Godin’s Startup School

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During the summer of 2012 Seth Godin spent 3 days with a group of entrepreneurs that were in the early days of building and launching their projects. He went over a few concepts he considered important to create the right mind set, and simply put out there a series of questions that they were going to have to answer as they moved forward in their journey.

Then he launched a podcast with excerpts from the event: Seth Godin’s Startup School. One day as we were catching up, my friend Marcin brought it up and we had a conversation about it and was very interesting.

As things have aligned, I know many people who this might be useful to. Thus, instead of just listening to it, I decided to generate a broader conversation about it. If you just found this, welcome! Feel free to join in!

So, go ahead and listen to the first episode, and then come back here and let’s have a conversation.

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Olympics London 2012 Ceremonies (and Champions League Final Ceremony 2013)

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This is a brief selection of some of the videos and articles published when Mauro and myself participated as volunteers in the Olympic Ceremonies of London 2012.

I’ll come back and add a few more things as soon as I find some spare time… mainly to keep it as a memory for ourselves :)

With Mauro for ESPN, with Quique Wolff & Miguel Simon

With Mike in the BBC the day after the Olympics, before participating in the Olympic Parade –

Olympics ceremonies in 5 minutes, by Tim Newman at Ignite London

Olympic Legacy: The Pandemonium Drummers

One of the articles published in Argentina:

Let me tell you a Story…

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Back in November, my great journey began… The mission: Go to Europe and work at a digital marketing agency. It was something I’d had in mind as an objective for quite a long time already.

The plan was to travel around until early January, visiting the countries I had on my list of potential places in order to decide on one to stay and start the search for the new job. Initially, I got to Madrid, where the first stage started. Carrying my backpack around, I went through Seville and Barcelona, then jumped to Germany, precisely Hamburg and the incredible Berlin. Holland followed and finally, I arrived in London and Edinburgh, in the United Kingdom.

It was January when I finally decided to stay in London, where the second stage started. I didn’t know anyone in the city, but thanks to CouchSurfing and my lucky stars, I got to meet very nice people. I spent three weeks sending my curriculum vitae to every single contact I had. Interviews started to pop up… And unexpectedly, an acquaintance from CS, who I had provided with accomodation back in Córdoba, helped me get an interview at an agency that called my attention enormously: Story Worldwide, a digital agency specialising in content marketing.

After a couple of interviews, I was hired as Account Manager there, focusing on SEO and Social Media projects. Story defines itself as a post-advertising agency, where traditional models don’t work any longer. “Every brand has a story to tell. Those that tell it best win” is what they say and believe in.

And even though I still keep in contact with everything in Argentina and take part in Smallbox projects from here, such as CreativArea and Friend’s Day [with Benefits] among others, a new stage started, a new story to tell is shaping up :)

Friends [with Benefits] Day: Best 2.0 Campaign

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I would like to thank Punto a Punto for choosing Friends [with Benefits] Day as Best Campaign 2.0 of 2009. Honestly, I was thrilled about the news, especially because we were on the same short list as a Kadikard campaign created by an agency with quite a long career as Romero Victorica.

I already explained in detail how the campaign launching went, then I shared the case as an example of viral marketing on eBook format… And when I thought that was it with Friend’s Day [with Benefits] in 2009, I got such great news!

That working week was absolutely unforgettable. The project was devised in tandem with Denise and carried out promptly with the help of talented Guille in design and communication and the truly important collaboration of my buddy Mati Brasca as shorts director… And the results keep showing.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t in Argentina at the time of the award ceremony, but Denise represented us in a marvelous way. Here are some pics:

And by the way, July 19th is not that far! ;)

Ken Robinson: schools kill creativity?

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The message is simple: We educate people to move away from their creativity. In this talk, Ken Robinson (formerly consultant at UNESCO, IBM, the British Council, among many other organizations) shares a very intelligent delivery on the matter. 20 minutes well worth investing.

The video is a 2006 edition by TED, a non-profit organization that is devoted to gathering high-level lecturers in the fields of technology, entertainment and design. I have previously mentioned Lawrence Lessig’s video on user generated contents, also taking place on TED.

I hope you find it interesting. Personally, I totally agree with his thoughts.

Thanks Dianita for passing on the link! :)

Case Study: Marketing Viral

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marketing-viralHere’s an example of viral marketing: Friends [with Benfits] Day – July 19th

The campaign resorts to the strength of Web 2.0 tools like Facebook, YouTube,Twitter and a web site that allows visitors to leave their comments in a blog-like manner.

Furthermore, we boust media management, catching the attention of different means of media and to complete the actions, the event “Friend [with benefits]’s Night –a party with the benefit of touch” took place.

Denise and I developed a 15-page ebook where we go deeper in details on this example of viral marketing, the elements used and the way they were employed, and by the end, we add our conclusions on the case. We drew on Google Analytics, YouTube Insights and Facebook Insights, among other sources.

The Friends [with Benfits] Day – July 19th was made on July 2009 and it took only a production week (experience I’ve already commented on here). Today it has over 16,000 fans on FB and it has already brought about positive results to the advertising brand (La Boutique del Placer Sexy Webshop) when it comes to B2C communication.

Short comic videos were used as virality triggers. This is one of them, where people are asked, “What is the typical excuse to call a friend with benefits?”

The ebook (in Spanish) is available on Scribd under a Creative Commons licence: Viral Marketing case: Friends [with Benefits] Day

A second edition of the Friends [with Benefits] Night has taken place and others will surely be coming soon. Next year, the campaign will be taken up again around June.

The Friends [with Benfits] Day can come true!

Google’s Matt Cuts: WordPress SEO

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Matt Cuts works at Google since 2000 and has become the head of the Google Webspam group. I came across this video where he talks about SEO for WordPress, the open source platform for blogs.

Even though the video was released a few years ago, the content is still very interesting as it deals with the basics of natural positioning in search engines (and it proves me I’ve gone the right path ). The interview was conducted by Mark Jaquit, who is a developer at WordPress.

I’m adding this one too, as he talks about the tendencies for search engines in 2008.

What are the important points for a good natural positioning? Quality content. This is a key concept. An example of this is the CreativArea blog on advertising buttons and the use of good contents in the search of infant souvenirs.

Besides, he mentions three things to consider:

  • Personalization: Make your contents aim right at your users so you can get to the niche of your interest.
  • Localization: Clarify the location of your business (one tip is to add it to Google Local Business Center).
  • Mobile: It is a worldwide tendency, increasing in Argentina as well. That’s why the contents have to be designed for any kind of mobile gadget.

Friends [with Benefits] Day – Day 13

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It was just 13 days ago that I met up with Denise and Guille to decide whether to go on with the Friends [with Benefits] Day project or not. Luckily, Matías –friend and ex-classmate in the Japanese class– liked the idea of making a bunch of videos on the activities, and that was just what we needed to get started.

Rodrigo lent me his brand new little camera and the next day, taking advantage of a beautiful winter day that made people from Nueva Córdoba go and drink mates out, we began recording interviews at El Buen Pastor. Meanwhile, Guille was working on the initial site designs, drawing on some interface sketches I’d made where the YouTube video player and the comments people might leave had priority. The outcome was an isologotype and an image for the project, both matching perfectly. Also, a registered and active domain pointing to a Facebook Page, plus a good number of interviews we had gotten thanks to the help of Gisel.

During the following days, we worked hard to get the site done, recording more interviews and filming raw shorts in my apartment (where I played the role of actor) and in Nati’s, a friend of Denise’s. We spent a day sketching the site in CSS and XHTML, then implementing it on a WordPress modification. Spent a night, working with Guille until 7.30 am to finish implementing the graphic design… In the meantime, the Facebook Page was getting around a hundred fans, without us even having launched the site. We then saw for ourselves that the idea was a good one.

The weekend rounded up with a sleepless night editing and compiling the videos, and a day struggling to achieve good quality videos to upload to the YouTube account. Finally, we launched the site on Monday 13th at 11pm. By that moment, the Facebook site was counting over 400 fans.

That week flew by and the move grew vertiginously with numerous appearances on media and blogs. We got to Thursday with 1300 fans and closing a deal with the people of Ríe Catalina to hold an event on Saturday night celebrating Friends [with Benefits] Day. By the day of the party –which was a complete success– we had over 100 comments on the site and over 2500 fans on Facebook.

A bit of calm at last to let me write a post on this… It was Tuesday… and there were some 3800 fans on Facebook.

The original idea we had with Denise at the moment we created the concept was –apart from generating such an impact for La Boutique del Placer – to learn about social networks and their use in viral marketing. We applied a great deal of our knowledge and experience… Well, we are still actually doing that… Quite an experience it was! There will surely be more posts on the topic. And I’d like to invite all of you to leave your definitions, excuses and stories on the Friends [with Benefits] Day site and comments on this blog :)

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